Hosting a Dash app on Ubuntu 20.04 using uWSGI and Nginx

Why Host a Dashboard?

One of the aspects I enjoy most about data analysis is sharing insights I find from the data. Creating a dashboard to share insights using Dash is easy if you know a little Python, but hosting an app can get a little tricky. If you’re trying to break into a career in data, understanding how to host apps and dashboards gives you the ability to easily share a portfolio of projects to potential employers or clients.

I will cover to host a Dash app on a Linux server! Dash is an open-source framework for Python written on top of Flask…

Why create a server at home?

I have been trying several hosting and in the end, all of them have the same limitations, on one hand the price and on the other hand the computer capacity.

That’s why I decided to set up my own web server so as not to depend on third parties.


  • Internet connection with IP-Public or IP-Fixed(I don’t think your provider will give it to you)
  • PC or Laptop with Ubuntu 20.04(do not use raspberry, it has limitations when installing python libraries), I recommend 128gb of disk, 8gb of ram and very quite fans.

Get down to it

First you have to make sure you have…

Carlos Piñero

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